We deliver to almost all the countries in Europe from our production site located at the heart of Europe. Our premises in Hargelsberg is best equipped in terms of technology and personnel. It also satisfy the highest requirements with regards to quality and performance.



As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of wild bird feed, wild animal feed and pet food (rodents and birds) as well as various snack products, we have business relationships in almost all of the European countries. In addition to Rolli-Pet Tiernahrung GmbH, our distribution is further supported by our sales offices in Rolli-Pet Scandinavia and Rolli-Pet England.


Chairman of the Board of Directors Erbo Group

Albert Blaser

Director Rolli-Pet Tiernahrung GmbH

Gerald Ruprecht

Key Account Manager Switzerland

Tanja Hauser


Sales & Production

Rolli-Pet Tiernahrung GmbH

Angersberg 18
AT-4483 Hargelsberg


Erbo Group

Industriestrasse 17
CH-4922 Buetzberg